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Convenient Training

The Training I offer is truly meant to be convenient for you, as I bring the training to your door and conduct it completely on site at your location. The particular training I offer can be discussed beforehand and I do offer Customized Training Protocols. You become a part of what you learn and are taught. At "SHEEPDOG TACTICAL, LLC  your safety and security concerns are of paramount importance to me.

"The "Sheepdog" never rests. He remains vigilant in protecting the flock of sheep from the impending evil......The "WOLF." Not everybody can be a Sheepdog, but nobody should be a defenseless Sheep.  "I am the Sheepdog."

Highly Qualified Educator and Trainer

I know that learning is easier when you have a professional well versed teacher. With that in mind I have impeccable credentials in the area's I instruct. This allows me to bring "Cutting Edge and Timely Training." to you and your associates. It is indeed imperative that you and others have the utmost confidence and trust in the presenter. I am committed to being that type of teacher/trainer. LET "SHEEPDOG TACTICAL,LLC  HANDLE ALL OF YOUR TRAINING NEEDS!

Psalm 144:1

Wide Variety of Courses

I offer a multitude of fact based training presentations such as, but not limited to, the following: Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, De-escalation Techniques etc. Real world training in a fast paced environment. My training allows you the attendee, to leave the program confident with relevant skills and skill sets.

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Sheepdog Tactical, LLC

40 Foxglove Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601, US

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By Appointment

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